Spend Matters Reviews SynerTrade: A Vendor Snapshote
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Spend Matters Reviews SynerTrade: A Vendor Snapshot


In this Spend Matters PRO research brief, the Vendor Snapshot shares background on Synertrade being the only homegrown option left in the source to pay technology market as well as an overview of the strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the competition.

Synertrade is one of the few vendors capable of delivering a comprehensive, fully integrated and rapidly deployable Source-to-Pay suite that also provides organizations the ability to rapidly configure heavy internationalization and systems integration requirements. This makes it a particularly interesting shortlist candidate for procurement organizations with global requirements and complex systems environments.

In this review, hear from a distinguished group of analysts as they break down the benefits of selecting SynerTrade, SynerTrade’s approach to procurement, and when SynerTrade should be your preferred suite of digital solutions.

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