PayStream Advisors: The digitization of global eProcurement
White paper

PayStream Advisors: The digitization of global eProcurement


In contrast to progressive B2C platforms, organization’s B2B environments are generally further behind technologically. However, eProcurement solutions can leverage the digitization of companies by automating their processes and monitoring each stage of the supply chain.

The majority of companies still rely heavily upon manual processes in back-office departments, even though there are a variety of solutions available to automate these processes. A lack of technological synchronization between B2C and B2B processes can damage the success of a company; if a business is successful with consumers but cannot keep up with its growth in the back-office, it risks losing revenue and market standing. In addition, when businesses transform their B2C models, the strategies and expectations of B2B must also change, requiring efficiency and flexibility beyond what can be achieved with manual processing.

For this report, PayStream Advisors compared B2C innovation and B2B processes to provide insights on:


  • Current market trends in B2C and B2B strategies
  • The benefits of Digitizing Procurement Processes
  • Features and functionalities of advanced, global eProcurement software


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