Boosting Supplier Performance with 360° Information
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Boosting Supplier Performance with 360° Information

07/16/2018 Kelly Barner

By Kelly Barner

What a company wants from each supplier varies widely by industry and spend category, with one exception: transparency. Procurement (and the internal stakeholders they support) are always on the lookout for opportunities to increase supply chain visibility.

SRM: How to Achieve Top Supplier Performance

In this paper we will consider the impact that building an actionable 360° picture of supplier performance has on the long term success of third party relationships by combining:

  • Supplier onboarding
  • Profile enrichment
  • Performance scorecarding
Kelly Barner

Kelly Barner

Kelly Barner is the owner of Buyers Meeting Point, an online resource for procurement and purchasing professionals. Her unique perspective on supply management is based on her time as a practitioner, a consultant at a solution provider, and now as an independent thought leader. Kelly has led projects involving members of procurement, supplier, and purchasing teams and has practical skills in strategic sourcing program design and management, opportunity assessment, knowledge management, and custom taxonomy design.