TUBACEX |  Improving the suppliers relationship to create new solutions for the customers
Success Story

TUBACEX | Improving the suppliers relationship to create new solutions for the customers


TUBACEX is a multinational leader in the supply of tubular seamless stainless steel, high-nickel alloy and nickel superalloy tubular products. The main demand segments for the tubes manufactured by TUBACEX are the Oil & Gas, Powergen and Petrochemical industries, among other industries.

Charles Kirby, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Tubacex shares what their purchasing process was like before the implementation of the Synertrade solution and gives some tips for those who are thinking about such a solution.


Which are the challenges faced on Purchasing in Tubacex?

Our main objectives in Procurement and Sourcing is to implement global standardized processes, that can be deployed across our different business units. That helps us satisfy the compliance requirements for our customers and from regulators and internal ones. At the same time, we aim to obtain the maximum, what we call procurement success, which means obtaining the best combination of price, quality from our suppliers, and start evolving into the digitalization of our processes, to improve our performance in terms of agility, flexibility and of course costs.


Why did you choose Synertrade and which are the expected benefits from the platform implementation?

We like the Synertrade product because it has a very visionary approach to procurement. We think it will cover our future and needs him in this area. But at the same time, it has some products pre-assembled, or pre-parametrized products which enabled us to deploy very quickly, in all our business units, the main functionalities that wanted to improve in Procurement. And the same time, it also has licensing system which fits our needs and can escalate with time and with our needs.


Which advices would you give to a company that wants to implement an eProcurement solution?

My advice would say to think long-term. I have the vision long term, but to start with simple and specific solutions, that you can bring immediately into the company, in a very short period of time, and have concrete results and then escalate from that initial step.